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Thursday, June 4 2020
There was gunfire from disturbing close-by this morning. It was coming from somewhere up the Farm Road. My initial concern was that some yahoo who had been shooting at the bus turnaround had decided to give a potent fuck-you to whomever had been megaphoning him. But it turned out the shooter was the son of the the biggest landowner up here on the mountain. He'd even gotten reluctant permission from Georges, who cannot get to his "farm" without access to the road (the Farm Road) that crosses that landowner's land. It was annoying, but hopefully it won't become a common thing. It's become hard to focus on anything when there is gunfire; it's like every shot resets my brain. This probably has something to do with the fact that I now actually have a semi-effective action I can take in such a situation. But megaphoning would've been a terrible approach in this situation. [REDACTED]

This afternoon, Powerful,Gretchen and the dogs met up with Jeff & Alana at Onteora Lake for a hike. Gretchen and the dogs were the only ones on that hike who were in good physical shape, so they had to repeatedly stop so the others could recover. We consider Ramona bad with other dogs, but on this walk she encountered several and was nice to all of them (including Lydia, being walked by Bakery Marissa, whom they randomly came walking with her new boyfriend).

When Gretchen and Powerful returned, they were hungry and tired, so I made us a dinner of quinoa & brown-rice noodles with a chunky red sauce containing mushrooms, onions, cannellini beans, and garlic.

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