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   a bit too thick in my sandwich
Monday, June 29 2020
I survived on two sandwiches today that were made of similar materials, including lettuce, tomato, insufficiently-ripe avocado, and some sort of unlabeled greasy faux meat that had the shape of an unsliced hockey puck. The slab of that "meat" that I cut was fairly thin in my first sandwich, but in the one I had this evening (after a bath), it was so thick that it made me feel gross about the entire sandwich. I ended up hurling the last 20% of it off the laboratory deck.
I've been easily consuming all the interesting YouTube-based news every day, so for the past week or so I've been padding out my entertainment with yet more To Catch A Predator content. There is more of it now than there was when I last had a TCaP interest. It takes the form of "analysis" by various 20-somethings who have themselves recently discovered all the now-classic material and contribute reasonably-witty commentary (usually with mediocre production values). It's the kind of thing I can ignore when I'm focused on work or focus on intently when things get fun. The two channels I've been listening to are Walls and Fast Eddie.

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