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Wednesday, June 24 2020
It rained last night, so it was a good thing that I'd broken down my hummingbird cam, which had no protection from the rain whatsoever. (On past evenings, I'd kept it running all night to keep the board warm so that dew wouldn't form on it.)
Powerful went with Gretchen to Woodstock today, and soon after they left, I drove the Prius just to the Stewarts in Old Hurley to get myself a sixpack of Brew Free or Die IPA and a bag of Stewarts-brand Fritos-style corn chips (which aren't as good as actual Fritos). I was happy to see that everyone at the Stewarts, both employees and customers, were wearing masks. Thankfully this area isn't full of people demanding facial freedom (which to me just seems like a way to dress conspiring with the coronavirus in the colors of the American flag).
Today I took delivery of a 128 GB M.2 2242 SSD for my Hyundai Onnyx II ultranotebook. The damn card has symmetrical slots ("B+M keys") in its card edge allowing it to be placed either way into a socket. I tested it first using a USB adapter, and on my first attempt, I manage to put it in upside down. Its chips became warm, but otherwise it showed no signs of life. Fortunately, though, this didn't seem to destroy it. When I flipped it over and installed it in the notebook's SSD slot, the computer immediately recognized the new drive and even tried to boot from it (which it couldn't do). Having installed this SSD successfully, the advice I have for others is as follows: when installing such a device, make sure the label stuck to the board is visible or it's probably upside down.

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