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Wednesday, June 17 2020
I'd pulled the shit bucket out of the brownhouse some months ago, but it had a lot of shit in it and I hadn't dealt with it in all that time. Today, though, I took the garden fork and shoveled it all into the brownhouse's drum composter. I left the shit bucket open and upright, and I could smell its manure-like stench hours later. Later I went down there and saw that it had been tipped over and largely licked clean by some shit-loving organism. Bears fall within this group, but so too do dogs. Ramona smelled clean, but Neville smelled slightly of manure. It could've been worse; in the past I've done this sort of transfer and later found both dogs stinking strongly of fermented human excrement.

There was some shooting down at the bus turnaround today, so I grabbed the megaphone and headed pretty far down the Stick Trail so I could be southwest of (that is, downrange from) the de-facto shooting range. I took a Modelo beer, which I cracked open before beginning my verbal abuse. Amusingly, during a silence between my scolds, I could hear the shooter shouting something in the distance. But without a megaphone, he wasn't loud enough to make out. I hung out for the length it took me to drink my beer, which allowed me to respond to a second burst of gunfire that followed about five minutes of silence. I continued my heckling occasionally as I walked back home. It was enough to end that particular shooting session, though there was another later in the afternoon. I went out to respond to that one as well, but the shooters had fallen silent by the time I made it to the stone wall.
Gretchen managed to get Powerful an all-expenses-paid scholarship to the vegan course in Rouxbe, the online cooking school. (Gretchen had taken the course some years ago and knows the people who run it.) Powerful started the course earlier this week, and tonight he did his first food-preparation assignment. He made a dinnner of rigatoni pasta with garlic, tofu, and soy sauce as well as dehydrated kale, photographing every stage of the process. The pasta was delicious, though the dehydrated kale was a bit too salty.

My megaphone, camouflaged for better sneaking around, at the site from which I harassed shooters today.

A female ruby-throated hummingbird at the feeder (now hanging from the basketball goal). I waited and used my good camera for this shot (instead of relying on the Raspberry Pi surveillance bot).

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