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   June 2020

01: Donnie Trumpkins in the bumkins - Something has pushed the global pandemic out of the headlines.
02: the day after Donald Trump's infamous fascist stroll - A hot water heater is replaced, and tampons might be the solution to our ammosexual woes.
03: pandemic Farm Festival - Delicious falafel on the edge of a parking lot on a beautiful day in early June.
04: nearby gunfire - The son of a local landowner decides to do some target practicing along the Farm Road.
05: the right kind of blinkenlights - Not all LEDs are annoying, but the one on my work-issued HP Envy laptop definitely is.
06: plastic forks in the garden of the Garden - Gretchen introduces a pair of Powerful's friends to her favorite local vegan restaurant.
07: ugly Greek pie - But it tastes great. Also, what happened at the Black Lives Matter protest in Bentonville, Arkansas.
08: weakly communicating - A neighbor finds an ineffectual series of ways to complain about some unknown problems caused by our dogs. And a non-dinner social function at a professor's house in Rhinebeck.
09: bear incident in the ravine - An SPCA officer comes in the morning and a bear comes in the evening.
10: Prius action thriller move - Anything to get a shooter's license plate. Also, progress on the 3D cube and I cool the air in the laboratory for the first time ever.
11: shooter with a baby - Gretchen actually talks to a shooter down at the bus turnaround.
12: baldheaded neighbor - I finally have a conversation with the neighbor whom Ramona has been terrorizing.
13: electricity sneaking - Weird electrical paths when I have an odd number of layers in my 512-LED light cube.
14: like when I used to play hooky - Powerful goes with Gretchen when she goes to work her shift in Woodstock.
15: grams and ounces - Some unit confusion makes dinner kind of weird.
16: cannot get too lost - Not when everyone as a smartphone, though Sarah the Vegan tries.
17: shooter shouts back - I faintly hear the shooter shouting in response to my megaphone-based taunts.
18: Ethiopian food probably wouldn't fly in the hood - Gretchen and Powerful finally thaw out a huge mass of injera. Also, figuring out how to drive water out of my Raspberry Pi.
19: breakout - I lock the dogs in the house prior to another socially-distanced dinner party.
20: first date since the pandemic - It's still a little early to have a nightlife.
21: camera on a hummingbird feeder - The things I learned about macro lenses and IR filters.
22: salvaged from a camera drowned in 2008 - It turns out I have handy infrared filters on hand.
23: bathing in hot weather - Also, a nice hummingbird clip.
24: no facial freedomists at Stewarts - Also, which way is up in a M.2 2242 SSD.
25: bullfrog in the pinecones - A big pile of pinecones can hold moisture through a drought.
26: scope of the social-distanced socializing - What had just been drinks and crackers turns into a dinner party.
27: Zoom trivia - A rainy day and Gretchen's new hiking trail.
28: cutting glass is difficult - At least for me it is, when I'm using one of those scoring glass cutters.
29: a bit too thick in my sandwich - Whatever that faux meat was, it was kind of gross.
30: Delphi procedures and pasta stew - And recovering from a rare weekday french press of coffee.