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   January 2021

01: technologically cursed - Trying to put together a sandbox for viruses to play in.
02: what I know about anagrams - They're harder to think of and find than you might think.
03: last-minute firewood salvaging - I get most of it with a handtruck.
04: toxic entitlement - Listening to Donald Trump sounding like a small child crossed with a poorly-acted mafia boss.
05: how snowballs work - Success with vexing problems is infectious.
06: the sorry state of my childhood home - The Senate flips to Democrats, an insurrection happens at the capitol in Washington, and I visit my childhood home for the first time in seven years.
07: first shower in over a year - We sneak Don off to an intake with social services.
08: a plumber in the basements of my mother's houses - Perhaps some progress on restoring 20th-century conditions.
09: IX Art Park - The first time I meet Jessika's daughter Sylvie.
10: Charlottesville vegan desert - Not to be confused with vegan dessert. It turns out Woodbury, NJ is not a vegan desert. And they have vegan dessert.
11: indications of our interesting times - The news stays interesting and my brother continues to surprise me with his ability to figure things out on his own.
12: fucking handed it back to David - I get some things done at work, but then kratom sends me to bed early.
13: drunken aplomb - Pseudoephedrine leads to grain alchohol and after that my memories aren't so great.
14: waiting for falafel - That and a hot bath made for a relatively gentle recovery from a medium-severity hangover.
15: Virgina has come a long way - It used to offer Lee-Jackson Day as an alternative to those unwilling to celebrate the life of the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
16: obsessive gamification - Why I don't just burn the firewood in the woodshed.
17: crap from old projects - Trying to find something in a garage not sufficiently tidied after years' worth of projects.
18: the day before Donnie Dipshit's last day - A pre-party for Gretchen's 50th birthday tomorrow.
19: Gretchen's 50th birthday - I don't actually end up contributing much to the meal preparation effort.
20: jolting return to non-fascism - Sorry QAnon, Joe Biden becomes President of the United States of America.
21: I'd actually done the work - I think the Ukranians came into the meeting thinking I hadn't done any of the work of setting up the production environment.
22: pandemic at the Little Bear - It sounds like they're doing it wrong.
23: cold day pici - It takes more than 20 minutes to prepare this Tuscan pasta.
24: self-inflicted YouTube nostalgia - And wanting to hear Under the Bushes Under the Stars before Spring arrives.
25: straightening my legs from a crouched position - Bringing home a very heavy backpack load of salvaged white ash.
26: Tuesday flu - More about my possible addiction to diphenhydramine. And I take a picture of an owl as the snow begins to fall.
27: east coast plumbing fixes - Some friend of my mother's fixes the double wide's plumbing down in Staunton. And I fix the hot water spigot in the bathroom Poweful uses.
28: how not to get a car inspected - Don't have a novice driver who happens to be a minority take your car to an unknown garage.
29: just the white keys - Something I learned about music theory and then slept on.
30: the freshest thing I've seen on television - The teevee show Betty. Also, my mother (another Betty) is too sick to drive to town to buy food.
31: I don't want to do Jack stuff - I always forget how tiresome dogsitting Jack the Dog inevitably is.