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Tuesday, January 12 2021
The day was so cold that I was forced to keep a hot fire raging in the woodstove. Fortunately, all the wood in the indoor woodpile is nice and dry after going unused in an oil-heated house for five days.
This morning Grechen and I talked to Megan, one of the social workers down in Staunton. She'd received a "new report" on the situation with my mother and brother, and it was causing additional concern. She wouldn't tell us the source of this report, but we surmised that it had resulted from Don's intake last Thursday, the one where he talked about being humiliated by his hygiene and not always getting enough to eat. We gave Megan a full rundown of the horrors we'd seen on Stingy Hollow Road. We also gave her Don's new cellphone number so she could talk to him directly. And after the call, Gretchen emailed Megan a collection of pictures showcasing the state of the Creekside double-wide and my childhood home.
In workplace successes today, not only did I get my Anthem healthcare savings account (with a balance of nearly $700) to quite charging me $1.50 every month for a "paper fee," I also reach a big milestone in setting up the live server for the new app we're launching. I finally managed to get both frontend and backend working, and talking to each other. What proved surprisingly difficult was installing a couple SSL certificates on that server. This is an easy procedure on a Linux server, where you just paste a couple recipes into the command line and maybe edit a file. In the non-linear world of a GUI (the point of which is to make things easy) it's actually much harder. There are no copy-paste recipes; instead explanations require lists of steps and screen grabs that have to be updated as the underlying GUI churns over various revisions. I was so frustrated with it by the end of the day that I fucking handed it back to David, our company's server guy. But that might've been the kratom speaking. I'd drunk some this afternoon, and instead of giving me a pleasant buzz, it upset my stomach and forced me into bed early.
Meanwhile, it seems the three of us have eaten the last of the diner food Gretchen and I had bought on Sunday. We'd gotten an enormous amount, but when it comes to food like that, Powerful can eat as much as Gretchen and me together.

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