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   pandemic at the Little Bear
Friday, January 22 2021
Our friend Carrie (of Carrie & Michæl) came over with Penny this afternoon to go on a walk with Gretchen and our dogs. Carrie is even more serious about the pandemic than we are, so she never came into our house, and when we talked to her outside, we all wore masks. (With other people, we might not wear masks when standing apart outside.) The weather was relatively nice at the time, though tomorrow was expected to be cold. So of course one of the things I did today was gather firewood, mostly from a fallen white ash only 150 feet south of the house.
This evening Powerful went out to get Chinese food, though this time Gretchen had him go to the Little Bear in Bearsville. Powerful would later report that, despite the ongoing pandemic, the Little Bear has the same bar scene we remember from the good old days: elderly patrons sitting at the bar, though now they had plastic sheeting hanging from the ceiling to block direct airflow between them. Also, strangely, though people are allowed to eat indoors, the Little Bear has decided to cram everyone into a small part of the dining area and just close down the other part (as opposed to taking advantage of that space and having people dine further apart). It's things like this that make sure the coronavirus is getting what it wants out of human society even in states like New York. [REDACTED]

Ramona was happy to see Carrie today. Back behind Neville, you can see a deer hide on the roof of the woodshed. Click to enlarge.

Penny the Dog.

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