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Monday, January 11 2021

rural Hurley Township, Ulster County, New York

After experiencing the mild conditions in Charlottesville, I found the temperature of a typical Janurary morning in the Hudson Valley brutal. Furthermore, I really wasn't quite in the headspace to be back at work. But I muddled through.
At some point my brother Don called me from the top of Muellers' Mountain in Virginia using his new cellphone. He told me he'd figured out that on a cellphone, one had to dial the area code even for calls that would normally be local, something I'd never gotten around to explaining. There's a "very nice" woman up the road who sometimes pays him to do work, and he has her phone number memorized. Don's ability to experiment and figure things out on his own continues to surprise and delight me. Perhaps he's clever enough to survive on his own with only modest assistance.

Meanwhile, the news continues to be a huge distraction when it should've by rights become boring months ago. The fact that the Capitol insurrectionists are being hunted on social media and rounded up by the FBI while the House of Representatives is pursuing a second Trump impeachment are just a couple indications of our interesting times.

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