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   February 2021

01: a vast sea of desktop - I add a 4K smart teevee to my array of monitors.
02: Jack acts out - He doesn't like being ignored through a door. Also, Nissan Leaf range anxiety.
03: Powerful's computer hand-me-downs - My old desk and a 15 year old monitor.
04: Powerful plays Bananagrams - It turns out he's good at word games.
05: misdelivery in Hurley - A package marked as delivered supposedly goes to a different part of the township.
06: marijuana and diphenhydramine - Also a big new shelf overhead in the laboratory.
07: date night at an inn in Woodstock - It turns out he's good at word games.
08: cheapest IP camera yet - I begin my workday late and my day by successfully tinkering with a cheap tiny camera.
09: shelf specifically for grapefruit jars - I like how efficiently they use space.
10: monitor swapping hell - After much fussing around, I managed to raise a monitor two inches while following today's impeachment hearings.
11: burning Stick Trail sticks - It's hard to find down wood to burn when there is a foot of snow on the ground.
12: free Britney - There are apparently activists working on behalf of a single wealthy woman who happens to be trapped in legal amber.
13: another sign of mortality - Now the thinning of my hair is getting hard to ignore.
14: Windows tablet mode - It seems to have been designed entirely to punish software pirates.
15: Don's idea of an emergency - Yet another thing my mother is doing (or not doing) leads my brother to call me on his flip phone.
16: fat Tuesday - Eating too much on my pandemic birthday.
17: hashed Wednesday - I find a way to put my own passwords in a database.
18: nest of wires at my feet - It turns out a lot of the cables I think I'm running out of are woven in there, unused.
19: Don's phone stops working - We also talk to Joy, the mysterious woman who has been helping Hoagie and Don.
20: Saturday stomach ache - I spend much of the day in bed due to nausea and something akin to acid reflux.
21: pseudoephedrine and sandwich bags - Things I go to Red Hook to buy today.
22: low relief patterns near bowling trophy hooks - Also, another snowy day.
23: donut and spaghetti in New Paltz - I respond to a situation reported by Powerful.
24: managging the wall wart zoo - A use for lots of white paint and sandwich bags.
25: tink! - How easy it is to accidentally put a crack in your seldom-used RCA tablet.
26: 20th anniversary in Albany - Vegan calzones and pop music videos in a hotel room.
27: a calculator for everything - Still eating takeout and watching music videos in Albany.
28: how I missed out on the Zoom call - Returning to Hurley and removing a digitizer from an RCA tablet.