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   Saturday stomach ache
Saturday, February 20 2021
The panagram this morning for the New York Times Spelling Bee was "download" (with "o" in the middle), something we didn't find until Gretchen figured it out at around 5:00pm today. Meanwhile, the fire was running great, because I was burning mostly skeletonized chestnut oak that had been drying for more than two years in the woodshed (one of these had been drilled into by a carpenter bee at some point during that period, as evidenced by the finger-sized hole in its cut end).
Gretchen has been attending some sort of book-sellers' conference for the past two days. Last year, she actually went with her fellow Woodstock booksellers, but this year due to the pandemic, it's all remote. Using the laptop her parents gave us when we last visited them, she was able to do all this by the fire in the living room. It's looking like this laptop will be "her" laptop, and it will be the first time she's actually had her own permanent non-desktop computer (unless you count her phone).
I'd been avoiding caffeine today and drinking kratom tea instead. But when I went upstairs and sat down in front of Woodchuck, I suddenly felt so nauseated and weakn that I decided to lie down in bed. I thought this might be the usual symptoms of a slight kratom overdose, which usually pass after an hour or so. But after sleeping until nearly 5:00pm, I still had an upset stomach, which varied between the feeling of acid reflux and mild nausea. Still, I managed to each a simple sandwich (whole-grain bread, faux cheddar-style cheese, grey-poupon-style mustard, and romaine lettuce) before realizing I needed to go back to bed. When Gretchen prepared a fancy meal of cauliflower steaks and some kind of barley patty, I was too ill to join her and Powerful was out somewhere[REDACTED].
I fell asleep and then woke up again, still feeling kind of miserable in my gut. Gretchen got me pepto-bismol tablets and ginger tea, which maybe helped a little.

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