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Saturday, February 6 2021
This morning in the living room, I eventually found the panagram in the New York Times Spelling Bee: "phenomena" (with "o" as the central letter). This particular instance of the game didn't yield many words, and as we occasionally found them, we kept expecting to be crowned "Queen Bee." But it never happened.

While Gretchen was walking the dogs, I went across the Farm Road to gather more firewood, since our indoor woodpile only had enough fuel for another day or so. There was still a foot of snow on the ground, and it was covered with a crunchy crust that couldn't support anything close to the weight of an adult human. Gathering wood in such conditions isn't easy, but I didn't want to have to resort to eating into the two years' worth of wood in the woodshed quite yet. The wood I found was a skeletonized tree of chestnut oak leaning against a live tree. It contained about two backpack loads, only one of which I brought home today.
Late this afternoon, I took the dogs with me on a supplies-buying run out to Home Depot and Lowes. Gretchen wants me to boycott Home Depot due to their CEO's support of Donald Trump, so I was forced to buy everything there for cash (to keep Gretchen from seeing Home Depot on the credit card bill she pays). The main reason I went to Home Depot was to see what multi-compartment storage solutions, but I didn't end up finding anything all that great. As for planks suitable for shelving, Lowes had better variety.
Back at the house, I made a second shelf similar to the one I'd made yesterday, though this was on the east ceiling-wall directly overhead from where I sit when working at my main workstation and measured a full 72 inches in length. By this evening, I was able to start putting things on the shelf. For now I'm using it to store the bulky K'nect and other plastic snap-together toys I'd bought from the Tibetan Center back before the coronavirus came and turned them into an appointment-only business.
This evening I ate a nugget of marijuana and took 150 milligrams of diphenhydramine. This made for a great combination, and I had enjoyable evening watching YouTube videos and thinking about things from fresh perspectives. It reminded me of other fun times when pot really seemed fun. On those occasions, though, I almost always drank alcohol. But as of bedtime tonight I was 13 days alcohol-free.

Bonus discovery of the day: a website where you can interactively arrange a 3D model of a human. Some day it will be possible to shoot video of yourself in various virtual places moving in a convincingly human way.

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