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   how I missed out on the Zoom call
Sunday, February 28 2021

location: room 7, Washington Park Inn, Albany, New York

We got up earlier than we had been because we had to get down to Woodstock in time for Gretchen's bookstore shift (beginning at 11:00am). We got up with enough time to fix ourselves breakfast (mostly from things provided by the inn in the kitchen) and watch a few last videos (including an amazing pro-Black-Lives-Matter country music video by Maren Morris).
By the time we reached Woodstock, I had to piss like a dog without a pet door whose human works a 12 hour shift . So I ran ahead of Gretchen, unlocked the store, and made use of its facilities.
Back at the house in Hurley, Powerful was cooking faux sausages. The dogs were upstairs in bed and couldn't be bothered to come down, but when I went up to greet them, they seemed really happy. Later Neville visited me in the laboratory and suggested (I could tell) that he wanted a walk. So I took Ramona and Neville down the Farm Road and back cross-country east of the wetland east of the Farm Road, trudging through heavy semi-melted snow that couldn't support my weight. At six to eight inches, it was just thick enough to make walking on it highly unpleasant.
Back at the house, I turned my attention to my RCA Cambio tablet computer, the one whose screen I broke back on Thursday. By now I'd learned from various internet sources that the layer I'd broken in its display was almost certainly the digitizer that reads touches, not the screen itself. Confirming this was the fact that the screen continued to display all its pixels, while the digitizer could only read up to the crack and no further. I found a YouTube video showing how to replace that digiizer using a heat gun and spudgers. So I fired up the heat gun, and once things started delaminating in the corner, I turned it off and focused on spudging. It turned out, though, that I was removing a thin plastic layer atop the digitizer, a layer that is best considered part of the digitizer itself (since any new digitizer would come with it). The digitizer was one layer down and came out surprisingly easily, leaving a gummy ring of glue and a flawless LCD screen with a nice matte finish. I could've left things like this, since I would prefer to use this tablet as a laptop using a snap-on keyboard with a trackpad, but a replacement digitizer was only about $11 on eBay.
I'd been drinking karatom tea, and by mid-afternoon it started disagreeing with my gut (as sometimes happens). So I switched to kava tea. By about 6:30pm, I just wanted to go to bed, and that was how I missed out on the family Zoom call later this evening.

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