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Monday, March 1 2021
I made chili this evening before Gretchen got back from her Monday bookstore shift. I made the mistake of using the "rice" preset on the Instant Pot, which usually works fine for me. But Gretchen had changed the preset to cook brown rice, which resulted in my rice being badly overcooked. I joked that I had made "glue," but it wasn't really much beyond the sticky rice one uses to make sushi, and both Gretchen and Powerful were able to eat it. (I don't usually eat any rice with my chili.)

It being the first day of March, it was hard not to think of the adage "in like a lion/out like a lamb," especially given the winds outside tonight. As I lay in bed watching my usual YouTube videos, the wind outside sounded like something out of Wizard of Oz just before the Wicked Witch of the East gets killed. At some point I wanted to feel what that was like outside, so I went out through the front door. Interestingly, the amount of wind around me at the time wasn't all that much. But I could hear wind howling through the trees nearby. It was apparently flowing in "rivers of air" that meandered and jumped their "river banks." Occasionally the river would meander over to the white pines just west of the south end of the house (that is, over the woodshed) and knock some pinecones loose, and they would easily fly the fifty feet horizontally to hit the house's west-facing clapboards.

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