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   especially after the diphenhydramine has started to kick in
Tuesday, March 2 2021
Last night's winds continued into the morning, and when they died down we were left with January temperatures, which flash froze meltwater in the driveway into a kind of lumpy glass.

When I took a bath at the end of my workday, the damn water was back to smelling like sulfur again. I don't know if this was due to an electrode issue in one of the hot water tanks (the hot water had traveled through both) or if the sulfur was a result of the recent snowmelt's affect on the water table. Another strange thing was the hot water tap was suddenly very hard to turn off. I had to use considerable effort to turn it to the point where the last of the trickling water stopped. Interestingly, though, the tap went back to being easy to turn off when I went through the motion of opening it up all the way and then closing it. Perhaps the screw involved in the closing of the valve had somehow jumped slighty out of its threads.
Later this evening I tried to make more progress on my various LoRa projects. I brought out my TTGO LORA ESP32 T-beam v.0 again and tried to track down a working Arduino sketch to flash on it. I managed to flash something on it a year or so ago, but this time I had no luck whatsoever. The problem with example sketches is that too often they make assumptions about what libraries you have, and those assumptions are wrong. The LoRa library you have won't be the one with the setPins method, say. And then you're left to wonder: what LoRa library am I supposed to use? It would be great if somehow all the dependencies for an Arduino sketch could be listed in a way that allowed them to be found and installed automatically. Without that, it's easy to just give up and try something more rewarding, especially after the diphenhydramine has started to kick in.

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