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Saturday, March 20 2021
There were several panagrams this morning in the New York Times Spelling Bee, one being "bathing" and another being "inhabiting." "B" was in the middle, so there were lots of fun words we couldn't play, such as "night" and "giant." Temperature were predicted to rise to nearly 60, so we didn't start a fire in the woodstove until after 5:00pm.
This afternoon, Gretchen drove across the Hudson with the dogs to meet up with Sarah the Vegan, Nancy, and others, and to also get falafel in Rhinebeck. Meanwhile, I drove out to Lowes to get some more containers for the continued organization and containerization of laboratory chaos. I also got some large pieces of shrink tubing to strengthen a USB connector with an abrasion injury, what happens when you pull strongly on a cord that is trapped beneath something heavy. This equinox day was a beautiful one for driving, with sunny skies and cheerful other drivers. Spring seems to be a double positive this year, signifying both the coming of warm weather and real tangible things being done to bring an end to the coronavirus pandemic. Last year at this time, spring coincided with apocalyptic pandemic possibilities, and nobody knew how black of a swan the situation would prove to be.

While out in the garage to store some Subaru parts I no longer wanted in the laboratory, I noticed a bunch of emergency vehicles out in the curve of Dug Hill Road where car accidents used to happen before a guard rail was installed. Dug Hill Road was completely closed and there appeared to be a bunch of emergency personnel on the ramp that leads from the road down to the greenhouse area, and I immediately thought that perhaps a car had punched through the guard rail and ended up in the woods. But when Gretchen and I went out there to investigate, we saw that the only emergency services were related to fire. It turned out that there had some passer-by had seen a small brush fire in the leaves on the greenhouse ramp and called it in, and they were hosing everything down to put it out completely. They couldn't tell what had caused the fire, but it wasn't from the electrical wires. Their best theory was that passing motorist had thrown a cigarette out the window and it had landed in a clump of dry leaves.


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