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   the smell of early spring
Thursday, March 11 2021
We had the first perfect day of 2021, with sunny skies and temperatures rising to about 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Gretchen opened the windows in the upstairs bedroom and I propped open the front door. This filled the house with the pure smell of early springtime, a smell one only gets at this time of year. In past years it would overcome the background cat piss smell in the laboratory, but that's less important these days, as we evidently no longer have cats who piss inside in non-litter-box places.
At some point today I saw a large flock of geese at high altitude heading north, honking at each other as they flew like they always do. For the first time ever, I realized that this meant that there were hundreds of pounds of goose meat in the air far overhead, held up by nothing more than the flapping of wings.

Diane went out on the roof via the laboratory deck today.

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