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Sunday, March 21 2021
I took my recreational Sunday 150 milligram dose of pseudoephedrine and mostly continued with the ongoing laboratory cleanup operation. So much of the floor is now exposed that I felt a desire to repaint some of the abstract floor shapes that are one of the laboratory's many distinct traits, something I last did in 2017. I started with a glossy white shape near the dead center of the floor, since I always have that color on hand. But it turned out that I still had a fair amount of both the yellow (Sherwin Williams Yellow Twist) and blue (Sherwin Williams Blue Chip). What I didn't have much of was the green (Sherwin Williams Jargon Jade). So I made myself an errand to drive to Herzogs to get another pint of Jargon Jade as well as a tall narrow container that I knew Herzogs had in stock. It was another gorgeous sunny day, and it felt especially good to be driving around under the influence of pseudoephedrine, kratom, and energy drinks.
So as to never again have to guess what paint color I'd bought long ago, I decided to start recording the names of all the paint colors I buy in a specific directory on my main computer reserved for keeping lists and records (as well as scans of IDs).
While near the Ghettoford Hannaford, I also got some more diphenhydramine (which I take four or five nights per week) and generic antacids (which I sometimes eat like candy). As for energy drinks, they're not the only sweet stuff I've been craving lately. Something about removing alcohol from my diet has made me more interested in sweet drinks and even things like lollipops (Gretchen bought some organic lollipops for Powerful, as he has the kind of fondness for candy that can only come from being imprisoned for 25 years starting at the age of sixteen).

The afternoon was so beautiful that Gretchen and I had plans to go to the Garden Caf´ and have dinner in their outdoor garden area, which is not something that is normally possible in the month of March (and we hadn't done it since autumn). But evidently lots of people were thinking what we were thinking, and Woodstock itself was so crowded that Powerful had trouble finding parking for his kitchen shift at the Garden. So we thought maybe we'd try again tomorrow. Though I was feeling somewhat dysphoric by 5:00pm, I made a big pot of chili, which all three of us were around to eat at dinner time. Since there was still daylight and it was nearly warm enough, we ate out on the east deck for the first time since before winter.

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