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   March 2021

01: in like a hurricane - Howling winds on the first full night of March.
02: especially after the diphenhydramine has started to kick in - Arduino libraries are a complete mess.
03: substitute strike plate - Improvising while fixing a bathroom door.
04: Arduino GPS success - Also, the surprising effect of stored charge on a laptop trackpad and the humiliation of growing old.
05: sprawling mess - I successfully transmit a GPS packet using LoRa, but decrypting and using it isn't easy.
06: dogs love injera - Some of our frozen injera proves moldy. Also, watching the 2.333 hour Billie Eilish documentary.
07: addicted to exposing the laboratory floor - Moving some less-important crap into the laboratory's deep storage. Also, more successes and failures with LoRa equipment.
08: hasn't smelled that way since - At least my bathwater doesn't reek of sulfur.
09: chaise lounge in a block of snow - On the first warmish day of the year, the lawn furniture is still locked in winter's icy grip.
10: should've tested it before installing it - Bad luck with a brand new digitizer.
11: the smell of early spring - The first perfect day of 2021.
12: entropic debt - It eats into my available space, keeping me from doing things.
13: NPT hell - It leaks no matter what you do. Why would anyone build anything with equipment like this?
14: vanblarcum bidet - We can now easily deal with the aftermath of the kind of diarrhea that leaves an asshole that cannot be cleaned with conventional toilet paper alone.
15: brutal march cold - Also windy, but I don't start the stove until 5:00pm.
16: Jack of hearts - Nancy's birthday is the first meal inside someone else's house in a year, the bad experience of an indoor junco, and after a fifty day alcohol fast, I drink two glasses of wine.
17: my brother is a fount of bad ideas - Not only did he suggest giving my mother an unconditional loan, but he thought maybe he could make a living collecting cans in a non-deposit state.
18: lucky jab - Gretchen's social network manages to get us our coronavirus vaccination fairly early in the vaccine rollout.
19: pandemic pod innoculated - Gretchen's social network scores vaccines for Sarah the Vegan and Nancy.
20: how black is the swan? - Spring seems doubly cheerful this year.
21: back to floor painting after four years - Also: I decided to start recording the names of all the paint colors I buy in a directory place on my main computer.
22: like the Mid-Hudson Buffet - Ramona's weird foot injuries and vegan Ikea meatballs with a dash of freezer burn.
23: durability of artifacts - A temporary setback with my main computer, and metal-fatique screw failure in the wheelchair I use an office chair.
24: return of phoebes, 2021 - And a nice rain for walking around in.
25: probably hoping to intelligence-lowering conspiracy-theory-rich conversations - A Trump teeshirt on someone behind me in line at the Stewarts when I'm heading off to do a landlording chore.
26: peak warmth of the false spring - Dog walking shirtless in March. And listening to Rachel Maddow while painting the laboratory floor.
27: Passover, 2021 - Mato ball soup, Manischewitz wine, and a filmed magic show.
28: diagonal cutters and epoxy - Not a good combination.
29: years of occasional cilantro exposure - I still like some nut loaf, but not necessarily cilantro.
30: does anyone use Windows' built-in backup and restore - Also, painting the laboratory floor while listening to Louis Rossmann.
31: I can grow pot in peace - New York legalizes recreational marijuana.