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   shelf specifically for grapefruit jars
Tuesday, February 9 2021

location: rural Hurley Township, Ulster County, NY

Snow fell all day long. It was very cold, and the flakes were tiny, and the resulting accumulation was like dust. When the snow seemed to slow down in the afternoon, I went out and shoveled the path and driveway, where the new snow was only about four inches in depth.

This evening, after I took a hot bath, I made an additional shelf for the laboratory that measured about nine by forty seven inches. To this, I attached seven-inch-long legs on each corner and then hung it like an upside-down table from the new shelf directly overhead where I sit at Woodchuck, my main workstation. This new shelf was specifically for the storage of cube-shaped plastic 64 oz. jars that had once held grapefruit segments, and it can hold eighteen of them, all of which are accessible from either the east or the west. I like these jars, since they can hold a lot of stuff, they are transparent, and because their cubic shape means they do not waste much space on whatever shelf they are kept on.
This evening, I thought of an app idea to help organize a space like the laboratory. I would take pictures of stuff on shelves and enter them into a database that perhaps a neural-net-trained classifier could scan, coming up with an inventory of what it could see. Periodically I could upload new pictures, or have a station with a camera already set up for me to update the photos. Then I could forget where I put everything, confident I could search for stuff as easily as performing a Google query.

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