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Wednesday, February 3 2021
I think this was the night when I had a dream where all four of my upper incisors were as fucked-up as my punk-rock tooth, and the crowns were all stuck together and fell off in one big chunk, leaving a swath of empty gum with a few discolored pegs, all that remained of my original teeth.

I've been enjoying my new computer screen setup, though the keyboard platform was a little janky, dropping by a quarter inch on the right side when I rested my hands on it. So I used a rubber-treaded wheel from an old printer to force the platform down on that side.
I've already given my old computer desk to Powerful, though it was purpose-built to fit under a sloping ceiling, and makes less sense in a room with vertical walls. Also, I don't know where he's finding the room to put more furniture; his room isn't very big. Today I also gave Powerful one of my old monitors, the Samsung 204B I bought in 2006. The only thing wrong with that monitor was its janky base, so I put it on a base from another monitor using some M4 metric screws I'd bought at Lowes yesterday (it seems I had few or none of those in any of my many containers full of machine screws).
Powerful dropped the Prius off at Van Kleeck Tires today to get new tires and an inspection. But he had the bad luck of there being a check engine light on that he hadn't noticed. It was for a rare P0401 error, which I've seen maybe once before (and that cleared on its own). It ended up being an expensive auto errand, as it cost $400 for the tires plus whatever it cost to get two Lyft rides (after dropping off the car and when he went to pick it up again).

This evening, Gretchen and I watched the final two episodes of the only season of Betty. The penultimate episode was particularly amazing, showcasing dickish behavior by several different characters. On top of that, the final episode had a perfect ending.

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