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Thursday, February 25 2021
I could tell my zeal to paint specifications on my wall warts had turned into an obsession today when I began tracking down and painting specs on wall warts that were actually deployed (though perhaps no longer in use; it's easy to disconnect a device and completely forget to unplug its wall wart, which then can act as a power vampire for years).
This evening I wanted to do some more LoRa experiments, this time with a TTGO Lora32. I've been finding it realtively easy to do quick and dirty Arduino-IDE experiments on the new computer desk, which I've equipped with several USB micro cables attached to Woodchuck through a hub. The desk also has a generous (and, for now, uncluttered) surface to work on in front of the big 40 inch smart teevee that I use as my main monitor. But as I was tinkering, it occurred to me that I hadn't seen my Pycom LoPy in awhile. This launched me on a through search of all the places it could be in the laboratory. I'd just designated one of my storage containers as exclusively for LoRa projects, and that seemed like the most likely place for the LoPy to be. But I kept looking for it and not finding it.
My ever-widening search took me at several points to a cluttered bench near the southeast corner of the laboratory. This bench has been the place where such equipment as old tablet computers (such as iPads) have ended up, since tablets don't really provide a solution to any of my computing needs. At some point while I was rooting around on the bench, some of my weight was evidently resting on a long-unsued RCA Windows tablet. As I pushed myself up, I heard a little "tink" sound, and when I then when to look at the RCA tablet, I saw its screen now had an arching crack running through it. I powered the tablet up and saw that its screen was still fully functional, suggesting the crack was not in the LCD layer. Still, I was aggravated that the tablet was so fragile that minor compression could crack a layer of its screen.
Before going to sleep, I half-heartedly researched the subject of screen repair, eventually finding what appears to be a website featuring entirely computer-generated content designed to highlight various keyword phrases (such as the moronic "how to fix a cracked tablet screen with toothpaste"). Had Gretchen not been reading a book at the time, I would've entertained her by reading from the website's "content," with gems such as:

Phone repair is always the first choice of people who aim to protect their budget. This method, which is very effective especially in solving screen fractures and battery problems, is also effective in solving other problems if a phone repair shop is selected in the field. The Fix is capable of serving millions of people with its mobile phone repair near me spread over a wide geography.

and this:

The battery life is taken into account when determining the useful life, even if there is no problem with smartphones. Phone batteries, whether used due to their technology, tend to be depleted. Naturally, a battery needs to be replaced every two to three years. If not, problems such as incorrect percentage display, suddenly running out of charge or dozens of times faster than normal may occur.

All these situations make life difficult for people who have to live plan. A large number of applicants for phone repair apply for Phone battery repair. This process, which is basically easy, should be done by a professional repair company because today's phones make the batteries fixed. Failure to do so could result in serious injury.

The Fix offers apple battery replacement for many devices, including laptops. iPhone battery repair, Samsung battery repair, apple battery repair are the main types of devices offered, but all kinds of devices left on the shore can be replaced.

In general, repair in batteries is equivalent to replacement. Since everything that can be done on behalf of repair can lead to a very dangerous process, the change is made directly. That's why the iPhone 6 battery repair is called change.

Some of my collection of custom-labeled wall warts.

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