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   how not to get a car inspected
Thursday, January 28 2021
Today Gretchen had Powerful take our Prius to some new place to have it inspected, which seemed like a bad idea for several reasons. First, I regard any new vehicle-inspecting place skeptically until they have proved that they are not like, say, Mavis Discount Tires, and make up or exaggerate issues with vehicles in hopes of being able to bill for more work. It would be much better to take the car to Van Kleeck's Tire, which we know from experience does not do this. Then there's the issue that Powerful himself doesn't know much about cars and would have difficulty resisting the prescriptions of unscupulous mechanics. He's also a member of a minority group, and it's known that unethical salespeople push their scams harder on people who are not white men.
After Powerful dropped off the Prius, he caught a Lyft back home, and only later did we get a call telling us that the car's tires were "bald" and the brakes were bad but could pass this one time. How true any of this was wasn't immediately clear.
Gretchen realized in retrospect that she should've just had Powerful take the car to Van Kleeck's Tire. If it does need tire work, they're the ones to do it; they installed the tires it currently.

It had been a cold day, and this evening while I was in the bathtub, there was brief period of winds so strong that later I went outside with a flashlight to make sure the roof was alright.

One of Ray's brother died of cancer a week or so ago, and Nancy bought some clothes suitable for the funeral in Albany. She was back in Albany today to return some or all of those clothes, and while there she decided to get Gretchen some Thai food from our favorite Thai restaurant there. This was intended as a belated birthday present, but she ended up getting dinner for not just Gretchen, but Powerful and me as well. Nancy didn't get back from Albany until after 8:00pm, so it was a late dinner, and (since the pandemic is still ongoing) Nancy didn't join us. I'd taken my usual dose of diphenhydramine and didn't last long after that.

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