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Thursday, June 9 2022
There was intense rain overnight in the greenhouse, and it was still raining enough this morning when I woke up (a five-something) that Oscar the Cat didn't want to walk with me back to the house, even though there was a good chance I'd be doling out wet food. When I saw how early it was, I went back to bed and slept until seven something.
Today at lunch, I drove to the abandoned bluestone mine to get even more bluestone. This time I drove further up the road that goes through the forest along the top of the mine face. It's a narrow road and I got stuck briefly trying to turn around at an intersection with another forest road featuring a fallen tree. On the way back, though, I saw a number of small bluestone mines surrounded by nice pieces. These pieces had the advantage of having been out in the elements for decades, so they had that nice grey weathered look and were speckled with lichen. Such pieces are always more desirable that the kind of "freshly mined" bluestone that comes straight out of a mine or is produced in a cliff-face calving event.

The evening, Gretchen made an Asian stir fry that she, Powerful, and I ate out on the east deck. Gretchen is definitely getting sick of Powerful living in our house and has told him he needs to move out by August. The plan seems to be for him to move back to Albany, where there's still that room waiting for him in that building owned by a sweet recycling-obsessed lady who doesn't care that much about rent. The hope is that he will land a job and start making his own way; the dream of pursuing another degree seems to have thankfully been abandoned.
Over dinner tonight, Powerful announced that he needed a loan in order to get started up in Albany, and that he calculated that thge loan needed to be six thousand dollars. Part of this was a large credit card bill from having to have things done to his car, but some of it was to pay rent (that he might not even have to pay) and significant walking around money. Knowing how terrible Powerful is with money (he's blown a lot of it on prostitutes, shady Bitcoin schemes, and at least one other financial scam), I said that if we're going to be loaning any money, it should not be in one lump sum. Instead, we could loan him three thousand dollars and see what he does with that before loaning anything else. He might not even need any more than that. He doesn't have any income at all right now and either we loan him money or his finances will go down like a smoking tie fighter. We're not happy about it, but he's had a lot of setbacks, particularly with respect to his heart.
But even that is something Gretchen blames on his poor decisionmaking. Last summer when he moved to Albany, he immediately abandoned all the healthful dietary habits we'd instilled in him and started eating terrible food and gaining lots of wait. No wonder is troubled heart, which had barely been working, gave out. Gretchen had told him that if he returns to Albany and does this to his health a second time, we're not going to be there to bail him out a second time.

This large purple iris-like flowers appear every year where the Chamomile Headwaters Trail crosses the wetland just east of the Farm Road. I took this photo yesterday. Click to enlarge.

Two squirrels enjoying the old pileated woodpecker hole where a baby woodpecker was successfully raised three years ago. Click to enlarge.

A rabbit (or hare) hiding in a small patch of woods between our yard and the Farm Road near Dug Hill Road. Click to enlarge.

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