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Wednesday, June 29 2022
I had a dream this morning where I rage-quit my job and then immediately had second thoughts. I've never actually quit a job, but on the occasions when I've lost a job, I find that the work of getting a new job and then getting up to speed with it are not worth whatever gains the job transition resulted in (usually a higher income).

At noon today I drove into town, mostly just to get beer. I had in mind that I needed to buy coffee for the cabin, but I completely spaced out on that until I was walking back to my car, and by then I didn't want to go back into the store. I should note that I haven't been wearing a mask in public since recovering from covid in early May, but there is still a sizable fraction of people shopping in stores (including hardware stores) who continue to wear masks. Most of these people are older; perhaps they've managed to somehow avoid infection and don't want to ride that particular kangaroo.
This afternoon, Gretchen started dragging the Chevy Bolt's backseats out of the garage in an effort to get me to finally re-install them, something she's been wanting me to do for weeks. Getting them out had been kind of a bitch, so I'd been procrastinating putting them back in. But once I started doing it, it was no big deal.
In the remote workplace today, there was the usual banter, to which I started adding joking political references such as that a VARCHAR(255) is "barely large enough to hold a seditious tweet." Joe the Lead Developer replied in all-caps Suzy Fauber style, saying "DUDE IT WAS LEGIT POLITICAL DISCOURSE." My reply was "lock her up!" Joe then communicated with me on a private Teams channel to say that L, one of the other developers in our small team, is a huge Breitbart Republican and surely celebrated the end of Roe vs. Wade. I then replied by noting the similarity of his last name to that of the current "Trumpy Governor of Florida" and wondered if they were related. Unfortunately, though, I made this reply on a more public channel that includes L and the others in the web development team. I noticed this within a minute, hopefully before L could see it (he's been distracted of late by his kids' graduations and other things) and deleted it. But Joe and A, the only woman on our team, saw it, and sent me private messages saying simply "LOL." (A and Joe were actually in the office at the time, and A says Joe really did laugh out loud.) They then separately went on to imply that A had made the very same mistake recently. (I remember seeing a mysteriously deleted message only yesterday.)

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