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   the closing of the bus turnaround
Tuesday, June 14 2022
When I went to carry Neville out of bed this morning to carry him outside so he could take an early-morning pee outside, he immediately got to his feet and went outside and peed under his own power. Perhaps good habits are already taking root!
I gave both dogs 325 milligrams of aspirin (each), hiding the pills in peanut butter and bread. About an hour and a half later, I took them for a walk a little ways down the Stick Trail, and both came. Not only that, but Ramona seemed to be walking better. Could their failure to participate in walks all be because of joint pain?
At some point late this morning our neighbor Andrea was driving somewhere and happened to notice that someone had finally closed down the bus-turnaround, the place that has become a major neighborhood nuissance after become a de facto gun range for the sort of people unwilling to pay to go to a gun range. She left a message on our machine and I immediately alerted Gretchen (who is still in the Adirondacks).
During my lunch break, I took Ramona with me and drove out to Home Depot to get supplies, most of which were the kind of bolts (hex and carriage) I need for assembling sections of dock. I I also made something of an impulse buy: a battery-powered Ryobi angle grinder, which will be very helpful when building out parts of the dock. It was $120 without any batteries, though it takes the same One+ batteries as all my other battery-powered Ryobi tools. Somehow I spent over $300 in there.
Next I stopped at what (I think) was the CBD store Gretchen had tried to direct me to yesterday. Inside, it looked like an over-the-top headshop crossed with a convenience store. I think they also sold lottery tickets. They had a number of CBD concoctions for pets, and the mistake I made was taking the advice of the gentleman helping me and not asking the price. When I got run up for my little dropper bottle of CBD oil that probably has only a placebo effect, it came to over $60. I could buy a bag of weed for that! But I paid, because I just wanted to get the CBD purchasing behind me.
I found some fun things to buy at the Tibetan Center thrift store when I went a little out of my way to go there: a small travel Boggle (great for airplanes!), a lockable steel box that could have many possible uses, a mini cooler, and some always-useful steel mesh trays.
After work, I drove to the Uptown Hannaford area to get more groceries (particularly packets of prepared Indian food) and some iron fittings from Herzog's for further solidification of the unmoving, already-installed part of the Woodworth Lake dock.

We're in the midst of a bad gypsy moth infestation here in the Hudson Valley. Fragments of leaves and nodules of caterpillar droppings are everywhere, falling from the canopy fast enough to sound like rain. Today I noticed short pieces of pine needles had fallen from the pines, suggesting the moths are even attacking coniferous trees. I don't remember that happening the last time we had a gypsy moth infestation.
We've now lived on Hurley Mountain long enough that there's a clear pattern of gypsy moth infestations. They seem to occur every eight years; there was one in 2006, another in 2014, and now we're having another one. (Note the entries are all very close to the middle of June in the respective years.) Such infestation typically last a couple summers before they peter out, as diseases and predators ramp up to deal with the sudden bounty.


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