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Tuesday, June 28 2022 [REDACTED]

I drove out to Lowes during the lunch hour mostly to get tracks for hanging closet doors, which will be going into the upstairs bathroom. It's one of the very few remaining indoor chores at the cabin. While there, I also got some 3/8 inch hex bolts to replace some carriage bolts I'd been forced to use on the dock, as well as 25 3.5 inch lag bolts for installing the floaters on the all-floating section of the dock. I always visited the Tibetan Center's thrift store, where I found a 120 volt air compressor for filling tires. It will be the official such pump at the cabin.
Back home, Gretchen was watching today's live January 6th Committee hearings, which had been scheduled last-minute. Today's witness giving live testimony was Cassidy Hutchinson, the young aid of Mark Meadows, the Chief of Staff at the end of the Trump administration. This woman seems to have come up in the far-right farm leagues, likely graduating from a bible college before working for the likes of Ted Cruz and Mike Pence. Evidently her origins, different though they were from mine, didn't prepare her to silently accept the actions of a president who, according to today's testimony, wanted to lead an armed mob to the United States Capitol, and, when the Secret Service refused to drive him there, he tried to grab the wheel of the limousine he was riding in, like an implausible scene in a terrible action movie. I don't know what compelled Cassidy Hutchinson to come forward and give this testimony, which all the other people who knew of these events were content to keep a secret, but it's nice to see that on rare occasions even right-wing ideologues draw a line over what kinds of means are acceptable on the way to the ends they seek. Contrast Hutchinson's reaction to Trump's infantile misbehavior to the acquiesence of Mark Meadows, whose reaction ranged from apathetic to seditious. This was all rivetting stuff, and fortunately for me, I had a brain-dead workplace project to work on, testing to see which .dlls files could be jettisoned in a large .NET project.

This evening Gretchen made some Ethiopian-inspired glurp that she and I ate with injera. And then she went out with Nancy and Sarah the Vegan to see a country music band featuring gay and trans performers.

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