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   painting of a hallucination
Wednesday, June 14 2023
I took a recreational 150 milligram dose of pseudoephedrine this morning, which helped me power through that annoying Javascript issue from yesterday before today's morning stand-up.
In the cadence of the Agile-based work methodology in my remote workplace, this particular Wednesday was the lightest of the sprint. So after the sprint review meeting, I made a tiny painting on an old credit card. This painting was what I remember of strong visual hallucinations from psilocybe mushrooms. The hallucinations took the form of various shapes (such as human forms) outlined by lines of brightly-colored red and green dots. Such hallucinations had been most intense the first time I'd taken mushrooms (a strong dose greater than two grams back in March of 1987), but they'd also been noticeable earlier this month when I'd taken psilocybe mushrooms in Charlottesville. On other mushroom trips, I don't remember much in the way of hallucinations at all.
At noon, I just wanted to get out of the house, so I drove out to the Tibetan Center thrift store, where I picked up a bluetooth keyboard and a smallish guitar amp. The latter seemed to work, though it also seemed as if someone had for some reason used superglue to fix the two knobs (volume and tone) in place. I might have to end up replacing those. I also got an old LED-based scientific calculator made by Texas Instruments, an SR-51-II. I was hoping it was a programmable model (similar to one I'd had in the early 1980s that had only worked for a brief time; it was an EC-4000, a Texas Instruments calculator rebranded by Radio Shack), but it wasn't, and I couldn't get it to power up either.
As always for this Wednesday in the Agile sprint, we had a sprint retrospective in the afternoon, and as always I'd made myself a cocktail, since the nature of a retrospective is inherently relaxed and even a bit gossipy (and my hallucination painting had purchased me the privilege to drink).
This evening before Gretchen got home, I made spaghetti cooked with cauliflower. I also fried up a pan of tofu, onions, and mushrooms. Gretchen is always complaining that such pans of fried material is insufficiently salty, so this time I added a bunch of soy sauce. Unfortunately, I added too much and the resulting fried material ended up being excessively salty. I could still add it to red sauce, though, and in that context it was fine.
I ended up spending the night in the greenhouse again, mostly just to get away from the fucking cats. Diane has developed an obnoxious habit of jumping up onto my desk in front of my screen while I'm sitting there to demand cuddles, and she always leaves a few stray black hairs clinging to the screen that I have to brush away before I can get any work done. Usually I indulge Diane while she is on the desk, but several times today I'd ejected her, which is something I routinely do with Oscar.

Today's hallucination painting. The patterned white background is some poetic license with the imagery and not something I remember hallucinating.
Double-flipped version. Click to enlarge.

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