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Saturday, June 17 2023

location: 800 feet west of Woodworth Lake, Fulton County, NY

Though it didn't rain much, it was cloudy all yesterday, which kept me from doing any car charging. That continued today (punctuated by a few brief and surprising appearances of the sun), though today it also rained for much of the day. Temperatures must not have ever risen into the 70s, because I was never once attacked by a deer fly, which require (I read somewhere) a minimum temperature of 71.6 degrees. I was, however, attacked by multiple mosquitoes, which can appear when temperatures are as low as 64 degrees. Knowing I'd be working outside most of the day, I sprayed myself with a deet-containing insect repellant, which worked so well that I was only bitten in the area exposed low on my back when I bend over and my shirt rides up; I hadn't thought to spray there.
When I've been puttering around too far from the cabin for the bluetooth or Wifi to reach, I've been listening to the local retard-rock station on a bluetooth speaker with a built-in FM radio. The station was in the midst of what it called a "founding fathers of rock weekend" in celebration of Father's Day. In practice, this meant they were filtering out the few female vocalists they've been willing to play leaving nothing but white males. In practice, this meant they played all their usual stuff, but without Joan Jett, Ann & Nancy Wilson, Stevie Nicks, or Pat Benatar.
This evening I took a rare cabin bath in the upstairs bathroom, partly to make sure the dark soil on my hands and feet was all washed away.

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