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Friday, June 23 2023

location: 800 feet west of Woodworth Lake, Fulton County, NY

It was lovely for most of the day, and Gretchen spent much of it down at the dock while I put in a pretty solid workday up in the loft working on a code generation task. The problem with that task is that the generated code then became part of the Visual Studio solution, and if there was any problem with the code generation (and there was!) then the solution would no longer compile and I'd have to revert everything and start over again. Fortunately, I kept the canonical templates for the code generation outside the solution, which helped a little. But I was doing way too much manual file manipulation for my mental health.
At noon, I briefly visited the dock, and Neville (but not Ramona) followed me down and stayed with Gretchen for the rest of her time down there. The major downside of being at the dock today (or anywhere outside in the whole area) was the constant sound of a Fargo-style woodchipper processing branches at a newly-cleared building site along Woodworth Lake Road.
Later this evening while I was tinkering with electrical stuff in the basement (replacing a arc-fault circuit breaker that keeps tripping whenever we run a Vitamix with an older circuit breaker without arc-fault-detection) Gretchen made a yummy Thai curry with brown rice.


Neville with a dragonfly on the dock this afternoon.

Gretchen swimming off the dock (naked!) with Neville in the foreground. Click to enlarge.

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