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   lettuce threatening to go bad
Monday, June 26 2023

location: rural Hurley Township, Ulster County, NY

I'd brought back three or four bags of lettuce from the cabin (so it wouldn't go bad in the refrigerator) while Gretchen, not knowing about that, had harvested a fair amount from our garden. All this lettuce now threatens to go bad here in Hurley if we don't find some way to ingest it. So this morning I made myself a simple salad of just lettuce and Goddess dressing (or something similarly nutritional-yeast-rich). I'm not really a salad kind of person (I like carbs with my lettuce!), but something had to be done, and I was doing my part. (And I enjoyed it more than I expected to.) For her part, Gretchen would be eating dinner at The Garden Café with Lisa P., so her only contribution to lettuce consumption might've been adding some to a sandwich she made for lunch, to be eaten during her bookstore shift.
At noon today, I drove out to the Downs Street brick mansion to remove more woody debris. My chainsaw derailed again early in the process, so I was forced to work mostly with wood as I found it. I nearly filled the entire back of the Forester, and it still looks like I am on track to remove all the woody debris in five loads (this was my third).
Gradually today I managed to work out the last bugs in my code generation code, the stuff I'd been working on all weekend. By mid-afternoon, I was testing the new methods and they seemed to be working. The existing framework was looking at the schema in a somewhat archaic database, though, and the resulting code that was generated managed to break the QA sites of the biggest application we support, but that was easily fixed near the end of the day. Then it was time for a nice relaxing bath. Meanwhile heavy clouds had gathered and then the downpours begin.
I tried to go to bed early this evening, but Gretchen was watching something loudly out in the adjacent teevee room. So I ended up moving down to the greenhouse, where the rain on the galvanized steel roof had me feeling vaguely nostalgic in a good kind of way.

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