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Thursday, June 29 2023
Early this morning I managed to get my version of Spelling Bee to work as I'd designed it. This required a to hack the Javascript on the ASP page making it so that it no longer required Javascript compilation to work as I needed it to. Now, to play Spelling Bee in a way that doesn't affect Gretchen's play of the game, all I have to do is go to the New York Times Spelling Bee page, view source, copy all, and then navigate to my version of Spelling Bee, where there is a form for me to paste that source code. This takes me to the game all set up with the day's arrangement of letters and a secret library of answers so that it can respond in all the familiar ways as I play it. Best of all, none of my actions affect anything related to the game in Gretchen's account. A somewhat better version would automatically log in to the New York Times website using Gretchen's account, read the data that way, and produce the page. But I have a feeling there would be a lot of authentication headaches that would bog any such project down. And it's easy enough for me to copy and paste source code.
It was a fairly light day in the remote workplace, though, since tomorrow I would be traveling for the extra-long July Fourth "weekend", it was also the last day I'd be working in it for the better part of a week. So I wanted to get things in a nice place for my absence. This didn't require much work, and, as I told Gretchen, this was the first time in a long time I could travel without something I needed to be doing at work pestering me from within my mind.
Meanwhile, most of the work of preparing our house for our house sitters fell to Gretchen, who had not only been vacuuming, doing laundry, cooking brownies (she always needs to do that), and tending the garden, she also mowed and weed-whacked the lawn. About my only contribution was running the hedge trimmer on the bushes in front of the house and eating leftovers. (Gretchen had forgotten about my chili and actually made herself a frozen burrito at some point.)

Later this evening, I made further advancements on my detached Spelling Bee system. I added a button to clear the words (which helps when starting fresh with a new letter and answer set) and even made a PHP version of the data parser. This allowed me to put the working code on my "utility server" (which I already use as a remote temperature data collector for the cabin, as a cloud-based clipboard, and as a remote Bittorrent server) so I can play detached Spelling Bee without having to have it running from the web server of some local computer.
All this success called for more boozy celebration alone, which I did on the laboratory's big bean bag while watching YouTube videos about the engineering nonsense that went into a deep-sea submersible that recently imploded (with five wealthy people aboard) near the wreck of the RMS Titantic.
I did this until Gretchen interrupted me to tell me I needed to find the dogs and bring them home, that they were outside barking at something. It turned out that it was just Neville barking at a tree along the road just west of where it is met by the Farm Road. I never did see what it was, but I had to go there twice to retrieve him, after which I latched the pet door.

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