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Thursday, May 15 1997

In many cases: it's better to give a guest gasoline than it is to give him food.

    Righteous rain is so much more dignified than drizzle.

      was unusually cranky yesterday but today I'm feeling better. The weather has a little to do with my mood; today the world is warm and sunny whereas yesterday temperatures were in the 50s and drizzle kept assaulting me. Righteous rain is so much more dignified than drizzle.

    Today I feel unusually powerful considering my sobriety. This may have something to do serotonin and testosterone levels.

    Back at the Dynashack, all of my housemates are back from "beach week." The "riff raff porch problem" seems to have been completely cleared up. Toni Dirtbag walked by on Wertland today and didn't even turn to look at me. That I didn't buy the gutter punks vodka yesterday is an unforgiveable. Consequently, my house doesn't smell like ne'er-do-well.

    I battled strange computer hardware problems in my room while playing with some nice ancient equipment, becoming aggravated and exhausted. I need to get some MS-DOS startup disks if I really want to do this right.

Space Probe Ewdahkhian from the Small Magellenic Cloud, on the Dynashack lawn, May 9th, 1997. Wertland Street is in the background. The Gus took the photograph facing east, using a digital camera brought by co-worker Stephan. The car at the extreme left is the Dodge Dart and the red car behind it belongs to Elizabeth; it was bought by her daddy as a replacement to one that was hit head-on in the location of the Dodge Dart.
Space Probe P*gheszhuvma from the Horsehead Nebula, on the Dynashack lawn, May 9th, 1997.

y old Oberlin friend, Erik Von Rippy (that's his stage name; he's a musician and the prodigal son of Frank Drake, America's pre-eminent radio astronomer1) called my childhood home the other day with news that someone wanted to buy one of my paintings. You see, I have lots of paintings hanging on the wall at Rippy's house. I've been wanting to go to Oberlin for a long time now to recover some of my paintings, and now, rather suddenly, I've made the arrangements to go this weekend. That means my boss Ken will be covering my Saturday shift.

I called Rippy today and told him I'd be coming. He says he's in a band called "The Band with Pants"2 and that he works occasionally at Annie's Pizza (on Oberlin's Main Street), though he also has mysterious funding sources that keep him alive even when he doesn't work. It turns out that one of Rippy's lady friends is interested in a painting called Life has no Heaven. Over the phone I agreed to sell it for $70.

Since I'll be gone this weekend, I needed to straighten up some of the Dynashack messes for which I've been responsible. One of these was the alien space ships in the front yard. I felt sorry for the aliens; their ships have been in a state of disassembly for days. It seems they needed a large minivan-dappled asphalt parking lot for the peculiar requirements they have for the repair and relaunch of their ships. So I drove the aliens and their disassembled spacecrafts in my Dodge Dart to the Fashion Square shopping mall parking lot. There, I helped them stack the ship modules beside a big dumpster. My guess is that, as I type, they are whizzing through the interplanetary void on the beginning of a voyage to the distant galaxies they call home.

I'll be updating these musings from Oberlin if I can. After all, according to Yahoo Magazine, Oberlin is one of the hundred "most-wired" colleges in America these days.

    1As a small child Rippy knew Carl Sagan, who used to come over to his house to visit his father. Rippy says he used to sit in Sagan's lap.

    2That's not "the Bandwidth Pants."

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