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Tuesday, December 16 1997

n the morning, I did a little computer stuff while listening to NPR's Morning Edition. Then I returned to bed and slept while classical music played softly. I've never deliberately slept to classical music before, but after this one experience I have to say it's very soothing and a little nostalgic. God knows I slept through lots of classical music as a kid; that's the only music my Dad ever plays.


n the afternoon I went to the Downtown Artspace to consult with Jen Fariello on the Root66 website, which she's having me redo. Jen was being playfully wistful, asking at one point (after I'd performed yet another Internet miracle) "Will you marry me?" "Sure," I said, "I have nothing else to do."

As I was riding to and from the Downtown Mall today, I was especially aware of my rotten bicycle etiquette. I run red lights, cut in front of cars, slide to the front of a line of cars, and other bad things. Nathan VanHooser (who is sort of a bicycle geek; he was one of the forces behind all the bike lanes being inscribed on the streets of the city) is appalled by my biking. He waits patiently at red lights, even when there's no traffic. I'm sure N. Firedrake would take exception to my bicycling too; read her description of a cyclist whose behaviour is almost as bad as mine.


. Spaceman implied the other day that I might be more of a Jack Kerouac if I'd stop socializing so exclusively with white people. That struck a nerve in a way, since it's true, none of my friends are black people. Or gay people. Well, that's not strictly true, but I liked taking the opportunity to say "none of my friends." There have been times when the whiteness of my friends bothered me more than it does now. Back in the days of Big Fun, I once proposed that we actively recruit black people to hang out with us, a sort of social affirmative action if you will. Matthew Hart had thought it was a great idea, but Jessika had been appalled. She hated the idea of social quotas, it seemed icky and artificial to her. She's right too, I guess. To recruit people because they're a certain colour does seem, to my thinking, a little too white. Now Alanis, that's ironic. Hmmm...

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