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Sunday, December 28 1997

honan came over and drank forties with Matthew Hart and me. Actually, I was nursing a vodkatea. I was also doing some basic home upkeep, going out to the Seven Day Junior for more forties and a bottle of Drano for the plugged-up bathroom sink. Taking the trap apart and emptying out Jamie's puke hadn't been quite enough.

After the drain was working, we watched a part of a movie, Dog Day Afternoon, about a bank robbery gone horribly awry. It was a good movie, though it kind of dragged at times, which is rather what you'd expect from a plot based around a hostage standoff.


hen there came a knocking at the door. It was Diana the Redhead, back from her meandering travels, and her friend from the Tandem School, Lindsey (you can read my account of my first real interaction with Lindsey). Both had new dykesque haircuts. I think Diana looks good with short hair; it certainly is better than her summer dread lock experiment.

After an hour or more of idle chit chat and not much attention paid to the movie, we decided to go visit Ana and Nemo at their place on the edge of Belmont. At first we were going to take my Dodge Dart (inspection sticker be damned) for that retro big car experience, but in the end we decided to go in two separate late-model vehicles instead.


n the way to Ana's house, Matthew, Shonan, Shira the Dog and I stopped for foot long hotdogs and fries at the Jack and Jill on East High Street. Under Angela's umbrella, Matthew has completely given up vegetarianism.

As we wolfed down our dogs, we had a Seinfeldesque moment. Matthew said that hot dogs were the sort of thing we shouldn't eat in front of the ladies, but that it would still be cool to tell them about it afterwards.

"Kinda like shitting," I added, and Matthew agreed.


ot altogether surprisingly, Nemo, now 18 months old, continues to grow and increasingly approximate a little boy. He's never had a haircut in his entire life, and since his hair is still thin on top and long and stringy in the back, overall he looks like an extremely young impersonator of Matthew's 45 year old redneck friend CJ. We keep urging Ana to do something about that mullet, to no avail.

Diana and Lindsey announced their intensions to go out for sushi, something us guys had no interest in doing. So we said our individual goodbyes and headed back to Kappa Mutha Fucka and continued with our movie.

Matthew and Shonan later went to the Boar's Head Inn (where Angela works as a hostess/bartender) for free drinks, while Deya and I stayed home and watched teevee.

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