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Monday, December 29 1997

hira the Dog was being her usual bored impatient self, click click clicking up and down the wooden floors, looking at me, checking the door, even whining and howling at times. I took her for two walks. By the second walk, a good accumulation of snow had fallen, and it resonated with something in her arctic-forged inclinations.

So we headed through the yard of the nearby frat house to go to the little strip commercial zone behind my house. There's a Chinese food place there, and I wanted a better tea with which to make vodkatea. They didn't have much selection, just green tea, Oolong and ginseng. I bought a small package of the ginseng. The Chinese woman running the cashier smiled knowingly at her co-worker. I wondered what jokes they exchanged after I departed. You see, ginseng, like rhino horn, is an oft-prescribed treatment for impotence in the mystic orient. To them I was just some hapless American rushing in to pick up a small package of dick hardening powder.

By evening, a good multi-inch accumulation of snow had fallen and Deya, Matthew Hart, Angela and I were watching the Simpsons on Angela's big cable-ready teevee, which she moved to Kappa Mutha Fucka today. Matthew was bundled up in a blanket, complaining about a cold as he sipped a whiskey and ginger ale.


uddenly they all arrived, the people who had caused so much stress Saturday Night: the boy Jesse, Theresa, Cecelia and Leticia the Brazilian Girls, Ray, Kiki and Fatima. But they were much more sober, calm and collected tonight. Perhaps they were even a little sheepish about their behaviour last visit. Theresa had a bottle of brandy which she passed around and around, but she wasn't being bad at all. She was even petting Shira with something akin to gentleness.

Eventually they all went off to go sledding on a nearby hill. It's times like this that I can clearly perceive their age difference from me. I'm almost 30 years old and have no interest in sledding or even being outside when it snows.


s residents of Kappa Mutha Fucka watched Two Days in the Valley. Matthew thought it sucked, but I enjoyed it greatly. Despite the plot complexities and fragmentary start, I managed to follow it all easily, delighting as each loose end was tied up, as each plot thread hurtled by predestination towards a tie-in with other threads.

By the way, the little crystalized ginseng nodules in the ginseng tea packages barely dissolve into vodka at all.

one year ago

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