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Wednesday, May 6 1998

rom now until I move out of Kappa Mutha Fucka, I'll be carrying trash (and stuff I don't want to have to put in storage) every time I leave home. I'll be putting this stuff in places for other people to find or throwing it in dumpsters.

This afternoon I fired up the Dart and ran some errands. I took a bunch of recycling to the recycling center (for some reason the garbage man neglected to take ours this week). Then I stopped at the hardware store to get some home-repair supplies, including a 30 by 26 inch pane of glass to replace the last of the windows broken by Matthew Hart.

Putting the glass in the window wasn't too difficult, but I came in contact with a lot of broken glass in the process and managed to cut two fingers on my right hand. Given the damage my hands have suffered this week, it's a wonder I can type at all.


essika refuses to interact with me at all now, and I just play along since I'm sick of dealing with her characteristic snappiness every time I say anything to her. I really don't care too much; I'm growing excited about getting the hell out of here and whatever issues she has with me will be academic in a month's time anyway. Surprisingly, the only person I've ever found I could live with has been Deya.


n the evening, Matthew Hart and Zachary came by to get some long-abandoned barbecue equipment from the back yard. They invited Deya and me to come over to the barbecue they were having, over at Sean's place (Sean is the drummer for the Counselors who wants to buy my Dodge Dart). I was all ready to go, so I rode with Matthew in his Escort. Since Matthew pretty much lives out of his car when he's in Charlottesville (he and Angela live with Matthew's mother over near Staunton), his car is crammed with personal belongings. Shoehorning myself inside precluded Zachary's riding along, so he ran ahead.

Sean lives on Stribling Avenue, which is not far away on JPA. Zach was already on Stribling before Matthew caught up with him, at which point Zach climbed up on the roof and rode along.

Darkness came quickly, but before it did, I snapped the picture at right: Sean is on the phone at left, Zachary is moving (as always) as he opens the bag of charcoal briquettes and Matthew is on the right with the grill.

The only real news from Matthew is that today he signed the lease on Peggy and Zach's basement apartment up on Carter's Mountain. He and Angela will be moving there on June 1st. Peggy will be moving to Martha's Vineyard and Zach will probably be staying with Sean.

    We boys kicked around a soccer ball.
      Deya showed up.
    Peggy and the Baboose sat on the porch reading from the latest edition of the C-ville Weekly.
    The barbecue grew hot.
    Angela showed up from work fearing she'd be fired tomorrow.
      Occasionally Daryl, the Counselor's bass player who lives the life of a recluse in Sean's basement, would come out briefly and stalk around in silence.
        We drank Budweiser after Budweiser.
      And eventually the food was adequately cooked.

There were hotdogs, tofu pups (a vegan alternative to hot dogs), green peppers, big portobello mushrooms and a massive hunk of steak. The mushrooms were particularly yummy, and I had mine with an extremely hot sauce Sean had brought back from New Orleans. The bottle of sauce featured a scantily-clad goth-bondage wench on the label looking a little like Theresa Venesian, so I immediately started calling the stuff "Theresa sauce."

Angela drove me home in an old American car she's borrowing from Matthew's grandfather.

Deya says she's still disgusted by the "fakeness" of Matthew's relationship with Angela. I don't know, for my part, it didn't bother me tonight at all.

I tinkered with an old 25 MHz 386 machine and somehow succeeded in destroying its power supply.

one year ago

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