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Sunday, May 10 1998

n the early afternoon as I nursed a mild hangover and attended to my finger wounds, I watched endless shows on the History Channel. I occasionally find myself going through phases in which I really want to know all about weapon technology and war strategy. For example, I found it fascinating that British army strategy resulted from a fusion of the "Highland Charge" (developed by rag tag Scottish rebels) and bayonet practice.


n the late afternoon, Jessika asked if I wanted to go with her and Johnny Boom Boom to the Old Dominion Chicken place for some sort of hangover "breakfast." I had some chicken and hush puppies, and Jessika and Johnny got fries and 'puppies, but Johnny could barely eat anything so I ate most of his portion. Jessika and I sat for awhile on the grassy knoll around back, absorbing the bright sunshine, while Johnny smoked endless cigarettes dozens of feet away in the cool of the shade.


essika had me record a copy of Eraserhead in the early evening. A variety of people came over, but nothing like yesterday. I didn't go with Angela, Johnny and Jessika to a free movie, instead I dorked out in the computer lab at Olssen Hall.


t night, Jessika, Johnny, Deya and I sat around watching television. Both Deya and I were sipping vodkatea, but Jessika and Johnny were still recovering from the yesterday that had ended at noon today.

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