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Thursday, May 14 1998


essika is playing the recording of her doing Wilbur's songs, and Deya has put Wilbur's cage up on the roof. But when she saw him this morning, he seemed perfectly happy high up in a tree singing away, without a concern in the world. Perhaps he considers himself a free bird. Narwwl, narwl narwl, nairnairy narwall narwl narwl narwall walllll. [Picture me caught in a private moment, wailing away on a guitar made of air, my face grimacing with something akin to genuine feeling - imagining myself saying the following, "I'll be leaving her tomorrow -the sex was good- but I got so many places I got to be!" A real classic rock cliché.]


ohnny Boom Boom walked Kirstin the Ecoradical home last night and slept at Abundance House. The story being spread by Jessika and Joanna Road Rage is that they did the "uh-huh" (as they say), an allegation Johnny was heard to deny.

A whole crowd of people left from Kappa Mutha Fucka to go swimming at a place referred to only as "the Rock." I stayed home, partly because a molar was giving me trouble in my mouth. It had been in pain for several days, but today the bearable pangs stepped up a notch. I decided to look inside my mouth and, horror of horrors, saw an ominous black "plus sign" in the middle of the biting surface of my left bottom wisdom tooth. That blackness was a recent thing and could only mean only one thing: an abscess. I had no idea how this happened, but I knew that healing it was outside my capabilities. I immediately called my dentist and scheduled an appointment for 11am tomorrow. It sucks that this has to come at this time in my life when I have so many other things to be thinking about.

Meanwhile, my fingers are healing nicely. I can pick up things and touch things using the wounded surfaces. An interesting side effect of the damage is that everything I touch with my thumb wound feels bumpy. When I reach my thumb up into my nostril, it feels like there's a big booger up there, and I experience a rush of excitement (as everyone does when they think they've got a major booger extraction underway).

While everyone else was gone, Cecelia the Brazilian Girl came by and hung out with me for awhile. We discussed teeth and tooth problems. She told me once that she had her canines removed to make way for what her dentist considered more important teeth. That's not my problem. My teeth are small and my mouth is big. I have all 32 of my teeth, room on my gums for a whole additional set of molars, and still I have big gaps.

left to right: Peggy, the Baboose and Joanna Road Rage (photo taken today).

  salvaged some old broken pieces of flat soapstone countertops from behind the UVA Chemistry building (for the tale of how that soapstone is mined, see my April 12th entry). I intend to take these back to Staunton: my mother is even more interested in carving soapstone than I am, and it's politically useful for me to demonstrate uses of dumpster diving that are beneficial to her.


ack at home, the crowd had changed a little. Matthew Hart, Angela, Shonan and his sister Natalie (recently returned from Russia) were just leaving, having planned a barbecue at Kappa Mutha Fucka for tomorrow. After Peggy and Joanna Road Rage took off, it was just Morgan Anarchy, Johnny Boom Boom and me watching World's Most Remarkable Police Videos and then When Animals Attack.

Later on, Zachary and the boy Jesse returned with a bunch of barbecue supplies and had a little barbecue in the front yard. Jessika and Deya, returning from a free movie, joined the barbecuers, and Kirstin the Ecoradical represented vegan interests. That girl Beth showed up with Cecelia the Brazilian girl bringing provisions to bake a cake.

The boys held out for awhile without any kind of alcohol. Zachary even brewed up some iced tea at one point. But inevitably, a small group set out for the store to buy selfish beers, the kind that come in big forty ounce bottles. Jessika has been trying to discourage Johnny's recent pathological alcohol binge without success. Tonight he drank all kinds of low-class beer and "wine."

I mostly hung out in my room. I don't really enjoy the social energy that accompanies these large groups. I despair of the conversational interests of my friends sometimes. Up in my room I compiled a history of my personal computer hardware and my patterns of computer use.


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