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   May 1998

01: singer-songwriteresque - The problem with a set of Charlottesville's white boy bands. Also, art openings and fake hand stamps.
02: Space Party IV, the Final Frontier - I build space ships and party with the aliens at Blond House. Nancy Firedrake also shows up.
03: various Michelle incidents - Also, Nancy Firedrake takes some paintings and one of the gutterpunks goes to jail.
04: injuring my fingers - Trying to get an oscilloscope working, I slice open my fingers with a power saw.
05: tainted - Not exactly explaining why I can't watch Eraser Head with Jessika.
06: spring barbecue - A barbecue with the drummer for the Counselors.
07: my AMD K6 - Also, a conversation with Jessika about issues of contention and a free meal at the University of Virginia.
08: Boom Boom and his bottle - Johnny Boom Boom is in town, but I don't see him until after my own separate Friday night.
09: the Bombshelter - Also Wacky Jen's pink skirt, Kirstin's stockings, thoughts on animals and civilization, and an antagonistic Johnny Boom Boom.
10: entertained by war history - As others recover from yesterday's excesses, I watch the History Channel.
11: Krazy Thom's house - After a day of building an AC adapter for my digital camera, I go with Johnny Boom Boom and the girls to Krazy Thom's house.
12: news of attempted murder - I return to Staunton to drop off some crap and learn that my redneck friend shot two people.
13: Wilbur the Cockatiel escapes - Riding around on Jessika's shoulder, he hears a loud noise and flies high into the trees.
14: front yard barbecue with tea - Though I mostly recluse myself in my room.
15: avoiding confrontation - Sharing a party with the tough guys, violence does not break out.
16: swimmer demographics - We go to the quarry in Louisa and run across rednecks, wholesome girls, hippies and friends.
17: crop circles and UFOs - Wacky Jen, following a tip from the C-ville Weekly's Nicole Truxell, takes us to view some crop circles west of Charlottesville.
18: tortured computing - The sad state of ergonomics in the University of Virginia's computer labs.
19: Wacky Jen's birthday - Johnny Boom Boom buys some pizza, andMorgan and Jesse provide stolen expensive (though warm) beer.
20: laundry day - All work and no play, except for alittle Mad Dog silliness.
21: funky house, man - I move my shit back to Staunton, observe my brother's funky room and talk about ubergroups.
22: yard saling at night - We clean all day and a sort of yard sale party happens at night.
23: successful yard sale - We actually raise some money selling absolute rubbish, and Johnny Boom Boom's manipulation of girls.
24: stick person - Frazzled by end-times partiers, I admit that I've reduced my personality to the merely skeletal.
25: worlds cohabitating - The frighteningly normal housemates living in the mansion being sublet by Jessika and Deya.
26: the end of Kappa Mutha Fucka - We finish cleaning the house, Deya and Jessika finish their move, and I head back to Staunton.
27: delusions and seclusion - My brother fears he might be kidnapped, I buy a tire and get a check to fund my musings.
28: the land of off c e n t e r - I drive the Dodge Dart to Bethesda, Maryland.
29: dinner at Bardo Rodeo - I explore Bethesda a little and then Nancy Firedrake treats me to dinner in Arlington.
30: Bethesda Avenue - Nancy Firedrake and I explore this cultural center.
31: resurgence of pea green - On some new automobiles, this colour is gradually coming back into fashion.