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   good news in San Diego
Wednesday, September 23 1998
Kim and I had double instances of excellent news today. We're approved to live at the nice place in Ocean Beach (the one for which we spent the afternoon filling out application forms yesterday). And Kim had an interview for a massage job that went amazingly well. She'll be surprised if she doesn't get "the job." The way Kim described the new massage place, with its Victorian architecture, piano and other refinements, it strangely reminded me of Sara Poiron's descriptions of "the Dungeon" in Philadelphia (where Sara worked as a dominatrix). Of course, the establishment where Kim will be working is all very above board and professional. Or so one would hope, if one wanted a happy uneventful life.
Meanwhile I lay around the cabana tweaking and perfecting my website all day and accomplished nothing of any consequence outside of that narrow pathetic world.

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