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   September 1998

01: money without compromise - How to support yourself doing what you love without selling out and going soft.
02: football pomp - A major university town and its irritating para-football rituals.
03: travels with Mother - I leave my car under Matt Roger's care and suffer with Kim's mother.
04: crossing the Mississippi - Kim and I drive from Ann Arbor, Michigan to St. Louis, Missouri.
05: Lawrence, Kansas - Kim and I drive through Missouri to an internet friend's house in Kansas.
06: Great Plains - Kim and I drive from Lawrence, Kansas to Santa Rosa, New Mexico.
07: mountains and deserts - Kim and I drive from Santa Rosa, New Mexico to Phoenix, Arizona.
08: flea crisis - Aunt Rhonda finds a flea on Sophie the Schnauzer.
09: southern California - Kim and I drive from Phoenix, Arizona to San Diego, California.
10: Pacific Ocean - Kim and I go to Pacific Beach, California and wade out into the Pacific Ocean.
11: Cinderella - My girlfriend's strange dysfunctional relationship with her mother and barren aunts.
12: cabana occupation - Kim and I finally move into Rita's cabana.
13: morning in La Jolla - Kim and I visit this trendy oceanside suburb north of San Diego.
14: Radio Bicycle Old Dude - A weirdo on a bike and I paint a picture of an overpass.
15: cheap Chinese sandals - I don't have to wear my combat boots everywhere anymore.
16: Rosarito Beach - Kim and I have our first genuine experience in the Third World.
17: more about Mexico - The Tijuana Wall, Mexican auto insurance, and the massacre of 19.
18: multi-headed funk - I experience the Friday blues.
19: beach culture & Miss America - I buy a bike, ride a boogie board and watch the Miss America competition.
20: Dog Beach - A place for the dogs to swim. It's a good surfing beach too.
21: Hansel & Gretel - I figure out the tale that our relationship with Rita most resembles.
22: dogs and landlords - It's hard to find a place in San Diego if you have a dog.
23: good news in San Diego - We get an apartment in Ocean Beach and Kim may have a job at a massage place too.
24: doing my own thing - Here in San Diego with the girlfriend gone, I bike around the neighborhood and do other things I can't normally do with girlfriend surveilance.
25: commercial versus public - A few realizations about large public non-commercial institutions.
26: bar mirrors - Adams Avenue Street Fair, rain in San Diego, urban versus non-urban bars, and interdisciplinary sciences.
27: Coronado Island - A tidy little town across the bay from the hustle-bustle of San Diego.
28: thrift store shoes - I get some inexpensive shoes at a Hillcrest Thrift Store.
29: Leucadia - Job interviews a long way from hometown San Diego.
30: crisis domesticus - Kim tells me I can't write about her, and I give two job interviews.