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Thursday, December 2 1999
[REDACTED]Well, you can imagine the effect this had on Kim. She called in to the V!ctoria Rose and canceled her shift. Then she proceeded to move a bunch of my personal possessions out into the living room. She was physically sickened from this egregious betrayal.
There at work, pressed as usual by various demanding people wanting me to do their bidding, I was troubled, to say the least. I thought about maybe going home to deal with Kim, but I had too many responsibilities, including an E-card project I'd developed for the Austin team. It was supposed to go live today and was encountering various Quality Assurance issues.
Earlier today Kim's two Mormon lady friends, the ones who are trying to convert her, had showed up just as Kim was piling my shit in the living room. Kim melodramatically announced, "I can't talk to you now; I just found out my boyfriend has been cheating on me!" Jenna the German girl had been there too, and she was loving it, saying (in her typical mild German accent), "I've been wvaiting for this day for a long time. I'll never have to look at those little yellow teeth and big ugly feet again!"
But Jenna's celebration turned out to be somewhat premature. [REDACTED]

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