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   December 1999

01: another BMW in the parking lot - Eric the Web Developer buys a new car.
02: looking & finding - Kim sneaks into my computer, reads my email and freaks out.
03: the big move - My company cuts its workday short to initiate the grand move to a new office building in downtown San Diego.
04: spinach soup - The greenist thing I ever ate.
05: foraging pigeons - The greenist thing I ever ate.
06: disgruntled reader - A letter from Traverse, City Michigan.
07: be nasty, not good - Lecture from a knife salesman about why Bill Gates is so cool.
08: stale corporate din - I ride into work along the San Diego Harbour.
09: lately I've been - And trouble with Microsoft Word's save as web page function.
10: nametag necessity - Our company is so big that at a social mixer, nametags were necessary.
11: cute little house - Kim discovers a new place to live close by.
12: full of themselves - Arrogant programmers absurdly nit-picking about coding standards.
13: evil lady in the back - We decide to stay at our present address for another year.
14: in character - Washington's birthday and the slogans on office cubicles.
15: oppressive corporate culture - What little is left of the funky energy is quickly drained from our workplace.
16: company party: V!ctoria Rose - Kim's workplace throws a party.
17: company party: corporate style - It's getting to the point where I know almost nobody's names at these things.
18: unmotivated & sleepy - It's getting to the point where I know almost nobody's names at these things.
19: daytime hippie party - I go with Lisa and Al to Big Mike's place to see Psydecar play.
20: loco proximo - The Grand Pooh Bah tells us we may get swallowed by Yahoo and Kim comes home and throws another jealous fit.
21: last workday of the 1900s - Also, Rory arrives en route to Mexico.
22: devil sticks - Rory makes me a set.
23: back east - Kim and I fly back to Detroit to hang out with her parents.
24: mortality personified - Hanging out with Kim' dying paternal grandparents.
25: split Christmas - Celebrating the season with Kim's paternal and then maternal relatives.
26: an engineer's place - The quirky pad of an engineering friend.
27: Sophie's new friend - A reindeer doll without its internal electronics.
28: return to Virginia - I return to my childhood home after nearly a year and a half way.
29: I'll take a risk - I put together a Windows 98 machine for my mother.
30: dust bunnies and full height hard drives - I clean up and reorganize the Shaque. Then Kim and I go visit Nathan VanHooser in Charlottesville.
31: millennium ends - The skies are clear and blue with the end of the 1900s.