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Thursday, February 8 2001
It wasn't a bad day. I was delighted to reach an agreement with the manic VP of Data Systems on how to kludge my UK database into a happy relationship with the US database.
In the evening I was hanging out with John and his sister Maria watching Survivor. It's one of those shows that gives John lots of opportunities to yell at the television. Today he even threw a water bottle at it for good measure. I was drinking so much tea on an empty stomach that I eventually developed a terribly unpleasant feeling throughout my body. I solved this quickly by eating a few corn chips and guacamole.
Chun came over later on, and this gave John and Maria an opportunity to guess the total expense of all the clothes she was then wearing. It was just casual wear, nothing special, but it came to $400. I just don't understand the point - is such extravagance indicative of ego starvation? Nothing says cheap quite like a big plastic bottle of Popov, but vodka is vodka and a shirt is a fucking shirt. What is wrong with people in this city?
Speaking of which, we then watched an MTV show called Cribbs, showcasing the homes of various celebrities. Pamela Anderson's house was particularly groan-inducing, overstuffed as it was with beige floral furniture. I wonder if that's the place where Dirtygirl was hanging out every weekend before moving out of Bathtubgirl Central.

A mysterious drilling rig on Nebraska Avenue this afternoon.

The Adelphia Cable dumpster on Nebraska Avenue. I used to get stuff here but now I have much more RF video hardware than I could ever use.

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