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   rainy days and Mondays
Monday, February 12 2001
I walked to work this morning because my bicycle was still there. By Santa Monica standards at least, a strong rain was falling. I wasn't completely soaked by the time I got to work, but I was pretty close. Usually I consider umbrellas to be an inconvenience, but this morning it would have been handy to have one.
The rain continued throughout the day, though it paused long enough around lunchtime and at the end of the day for me to first get something to eat and then later ride my bicycle home.
Somebody over on the Buffy the Vampire Slayer set outside my window turned on an extremely bright light which shown directly into my cubicle and left spots on my eyes every time I turned to look at it. Eventually I had to close the blinds.
All the UK people have returned to London and I'm here in Santa Monica working on tidying up loose ends of their site all by myself. Unfortunately I'm not going to get to go to London on my birthday after all; the auto accident fucked up our labor pool so badly that we considered hiring Linda as a developer. Now, however, it seems like our Indonesian developer will soon be returning from a vacation to his homeland and the development effort will resume here in Santa Monica.

In the evening I experimented with stimulants by throughly chewing one of John's prescription time-release 10 mg. Dexedrine capsules. Despite my attempt to thwart its time release properties, its effects nonetheless played out over an extended period without ever being all that intense. I experienced shallow sleep and woke up numerous times throughout the night. No longer able to sleep at 6am, I started preparing for work in the half-light, well before normal.

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