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   February 2001

01: end of the fund - Another community rendezvous at the Waterfront in Venice.
02: car crash weather - The UK boys are hit by another car on their drive to work this morning.
03: had I been eating a hot dog - Pro-life prostest on the Venice Boardwalk.
04: a view from the end of San Vicente - After struggling for hours with computers, I ride my bicycle to the Pacific down San Vicente, feeling miserable.
05: Gloomy Monday - Preceding Black Tuesday.
06: a fine day for a hanging - Our raises are not automatic this year. Also, a possible trip to the UK.
07: cold rain in Santa Monica - Nasty weather and comic discussions of things such as ASPLand and the similarities between MS Project and Flash.
08: opportunities to yell - John watches Survivor II and I again scratch my head at unnecessary Los Angeles extravagance.
09: 14 months to go - John watches Survivor II and I again scratch my head at unnecessary Los Angeles extravagance.
10: until the cops come, Venice Beach - Party at camera shop Chris' place.
11: emotional Sunday - I'm in a tub and part of the Matrix.
12: rainy days and Mondays - Rain, winds, thunder and lightning here in Santa Monica.
13: reality of these troubling times - Unceremoniously yanked off the UK team.
14: Valentine this - A surreal workplace Valentine's Day.
15: hypertext history - An old girlfriend from 12 years ago sends me an email.
16: birthday in LA - I turn 33 and eat some icecream cake but no sushi.
17: beholding normal people while on ecstasy - A little party of some normal horsey girls at my house, organized by Fernando.
18: LSD and Aleister Crowley tarot - LSD definitely helps with the understanding of the function of tarot.
19: bitchy in the way I like - I talk to Gretchen for the first time in 12 years (by telephone).
20: irrational sandbox toddlers - The cowardly termination of Linda from her position as UK contractor.
21: another way not to have sex - I have phone sex during the tape-delayed Elton John/Eminem duet.
22: difficulty filling his day - My housemate gets a job as a cashier at the Gap.
23: lucky boots - I go to Bathtubgirl's and contravene her iron grip.
24: no blues scales - Another day rocking out with my guitar.
25: activate fireplace - John discovers that the fireplace is gas powered.
26: lint evidence - My lint is nastier than John's.
27: couldn't get a ticket it was a sold out show - It rained again today.
28: eternal flame - John's new fireplace obsession and Gretchen comes for a visit.