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Wednesday, February 21 2001
Has anyone noticed that when Eminem raps about his name actually being Slim Shady, he sounds an awful lot like he's saying "Lynne Cheney"? Perhaps that's why she's so worked up about him.

Don't get me wrong, I like Linda a lot, but it's sort of a relief that I'm not working with her any more. Once the genie came out of the bottle and we were more than just co-workers (if not more than just friends), it was hard to ever go back to the way things were. Not that things really even approached the way things were. Still, although I'd officially been her boss and the person signing her time sheet for those few days, she'd kept sliding into project manager mode, asking me to do things and tracking whether or not things had been accomplished, all superimposed on a corporate fantasy in which my involvement in the UK project was supposed to be absolutely minimal.

Tonight John went to Trader Joe's and got us both pre-packaged trays of take-home sushi and a three dollar bottle of red wine. You have to figure any sushi that bears an expiration date can't be all that good, but really, for me it was nothing more than a vehicle for wasabi, albeit terribly weak wasabi.
During the Grammies I figured out what it was that I hate about N'Sync (and all the other boy bands for that matter). Their songs sound like Christian pop music! As I listened, I felt like an appropriate response would have been for me to lift my arms straight into the air and wave them slowly back and forth in spiritual rapture. Perhaps it's just my jaded indie rock sensibility, but in my opinion there are far better applications for major chord harmonies.
I missed out on the controversial duet between Eminem and Elton John because I was having phone sex at the time with someone on the East Coast who had already seen it. I'd never had anything close to phone sex before in my entire life. It was fun and all that, but, like cybersex, it's really just another way not to have sex. I think I need to go and, you know, actually get laid or something.

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