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Monday, June 13 2005
I was at client's house south of High Falls today, out there low along the Shawangunk ridge, and after I was done she showed me around the house and grounds. It was a beautiful house and setting and superficially looked like it had been there for a hundred years. But the remaining trees around the clearing in which the house stood indicated that the house and the clearing weren't any older than the ten year old Hurley McMansion that I'm perpetually trying to endow with a look of history. A sure sign of a recent clearing is an open space containing or surrounded by tall spindly trees, the kind that one normally only sees inside a forest. It's impossible to fake the look of an old clearing in the forest.
The landscape there was gentle, but in the yard was an outcrop of the native geologic strata, Shawangunk conglomerate, a rock more suggestive of vertical cliffs. Looking at it, you can see why it's one of the most durable natural substances in the universe. It is comprised of round quartzite pebbles in a matrix of other quartzite. It looks like concrete, but where there would be lime-based Portland cement it's all quartzite. I don't know how conventional forces of nature can possibly erode this stuff but eventually they do. It's a good thing to show your friends who believe the world is only a little over six thousand years old.

This evening I finished the last of the work at Eagle's Nest. I'm never doing any more cowboy electrician work ever again. This time I swear it.

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