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Friday, June 24 2005
I've been listening to Low's 2001 album Things We Lost in the Fire. I'd feared I'd find its tempo too glacial and its lyrics a little overbearing for my taste, but this isn't proving to be the case. Actually I think it can bear more more repeat listens than their more recent, peppier stuff. I particularly like the song "Sunflower," which in its few lines of lyrics manages to tastefully touch on several creepy themes: dead bodies, kidnapping, Mormon Jew envy, and the ultimate futility of wealth and beauty.
This evening Gretchen's friend Nina and her husband Karsten came for an overnight visit from Northampton, Massachusetts (three hours to the east). As usual Gretchen spent what seemed like the whole day preparing a fancy vegetarian meal of goat cheese tarts, complexly-flavored lentils, and a salad containing several species of mushrooms. Nina and Karsten, who supposedly met at a wine tasting event, brought two bottles of wine. We tried to eat our dinner out on the south deck, but clouds of mosquitos quickly put an end to that. They came despite the citronella and a fancy flame-powered insect repelling device. Interestingly, almost none of them attacked either Gretchen or me; their consensus was to attack our guests. I wonder if this reflected the enormous amount of garlic that Gretchen and I consume on a daily basis.

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